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   What makes us different?

     Here at Delta Global Source (Hong Kong) Ltd., we provide a brand new solution to      your company's packaging needs. With our 7-year expertise in supplying packaging 
     products, we think inside and outside the box. We believe that traditions should be      respected, but we also feel that innovation is not only necessary, but should be

    Typical packaging suppliers foster communication between you and     the manufacturer. But Delta Global Source (Hong Kong) Ltd. is     different:

    We speak your language and with a highly knowledgable staff, we     understand your culture and in turn your needs, which helps us to     ensure that your requirements are met with premium quality and a     touch of class. Coupled with our factories in mainland China, the     sales office in Hong Kong manages all personal encounters and     monitors the production of your products with a keen eye.     

    High calibre staff means that Delta Global Source (Hong Kong) Ltd.
    is not only multi-national in its reach, but also multi-lingual, with     speakers proficient in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese     and/or Spanish on hand, which makes communication that little     bit easier.

    Packaging can be more direct than you could ever have imagined.

    Do you deem the middleman necessary? We certainly don't.